15 February 2006

A Date with the Washing Machine

Woke a couple of hours ago. After a smoke and a bottle of Coke I decided I should do my laundry. A date with the washing machine I call it. Now the machine is turning all my clothes clean. Just waiting for it to stop and then another batch of clothes will turn.

A friend in the office just asked me who my date is for this V-day. I said what date? And she replied jokingly saying a date like February 14, 2006. I jokingly replied oh well, got a date with the washing machine.

That friend of mine just came back from a one month stay in Cebu. It’s the company’s way of expanding the program for the peak season because apparently the program receives a lot of call during the season. I would have wanted to go there but my record did not back me up for the slot. I had too many unexcused absences and my type of employee ain’t really what they were looking for that time. When they got back she already has a boyfriend and has been wanting to relocate there permanently ever since. But I guess the program can’t accommodate such loss. A lot has been resigning from work already and a lot has been transferred to another program leaving the program somewhat crippled.

When she got back here she asked me if I wanted to relocate with her to Cebu. The idea sounded really nice. Well from what I have been hearing about the place it got my curiousness on the high rise. But the moment I thought of Robbie, my boyfriend then, I knew it would not be an easy choice. I could not leave him for a year. What will happen to our relationship? I thought. So I opted not to pursue that chance and just stay here in the metro. And now the relationship is over and Cebu is just but another thought. Even my officemate is still here but I doubt if she has given up on going to Cebu. Now that she found someone there. I really doubt it.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering my I got so much time in my hands right now that I can do two posts in a day. Well to tell you my leave for a week has been approved after several attempts and frustrations. My supervisor even asked me if I wanted it two weeks instead of just one. I opted for the one week vacation. I think that would be enough for a rest. And now I am doing some materials for my new website aptly titled “I am Brew.” Better watch out for it. Well I am thinking of putting this post on the new website instead of my current blog. I am still thinking.


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