25 January 2010

On Sex (or lack of) and Vacation

So today marks my 8th day here in the province. For those who don't know, I am currently on vacation after quitting work last month. Why quit work? That's a different story. What I want to blah about today is about how proud I am to have lasted this long without a fuck. Imagine, I'm going eight (8) long days without seeing beautiful naked bodies in front of me! Not in person, anyway.

There's a big difference between gay men here and in the metro. Gay men here are those cross-dressers and parloristas. You see them in the plaza, roaming the streets at night, flooding beauty contests and the likes. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them. In fact, I admire their courage. Plus they're really fun to be with. Maybe there are discreet gay men here I just don't know about. It has been 7 years since I last went home anyways. I'm not really an authority when it comes to this town's history. Not for the last 7 years anyways.

There is also one more consideration before I go into a fuckfest here. My parents hold respectable jobs here and I am afraid if I do something very gay in nature that it'll break their hearts plus ruin their credibility. You see this town is so small that everyone's minding everybody's business. Everyone seems to be a umalohokan (refers to the town criers of ancient Philippines Barangay. They were responsible for going around and making people aware of new laws and policies enacted by the Datu or chieftan - Wiki). Everyone knows who the recent pregnant teen is, who killed who, whose husbands cheated on their wives, etc. Everybody' just into everybody. Hahaha...

So here are some pictures I have taken so far while on vacation. These are also in my Facebook.

Talk about natural fertilizers. Taken from our farm.

At the beach. IHeartBrew

A small crab and two clams (not sure).

My mom loves orchids. This is from her small garden.

My mom also has a fascination on cactus plants. Weird.

Hardcore Farmville. Lol.

At the beach.

Rizal sporting a set of red lips. Hehehe...

Catholic Church

You decide what I am doing halfway up a coconut tree. LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures above. More pictures on my Facebook.

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