26 January 2008

I am a Spender

Argh! I was not able to attend the G4M party at Government the other
night! I was not able to take the day off because I had so much work to
do especially now that I have come back to my team. There are a lot of
stuff to prepare like trackers, BSCs, PA and a lot (call center lingo).

Finally it's my day off. Got no plans for Saturday night yet. Oh,
someone from G4M invited me for dinner...or was it coffee, I dun
remember but I asked him to just text me. I dun even remember the guy's
username. What the heck! At least now someone's spending on me.

I'm not really the receiver type. When I go out with friends, I am
always the spender... what they call "taya". And when I am on dates, I
dun let my guy pay for me... I always pay for what I eat. I dun like
people thinking of me as "kuripot" perhaps... or a "user".

Sunday night, me and my bestfriend are going to a fiesta! Yes! Food,
food and food. Better watch my diet and my alcohol intake. Tummy's
getting bigger. I hate it!

Well that's just about it. See you guys!


  • ako din

    gusto ko ako gagastos para wlang msabi

    gudluck sa d8

    By Blogger Turismoboi, at 7:59 PM  

  • me too... as in... as in, as in.


    By Blogger Bryan Anthony the First, at 6:09 PM  

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