09 January 2008

New Guy

The new year is looking good for me. I am now dating this beautiful guy, Daryl, I met in Palawan. I have actually been crushing on him for a long time now but never had the chance to mingle with him. On my birthday, Dustine (a guy I courted but never went pass that stage - my fault) introduced us. They're friends. On the second time that we saw each other at Palawan 1, he asked for my number. Apparenty he has a big crush on me from the first time he saw me with Dustine but the latter made it clear that he was dating me and that I was off limits. Hahaha. Good things sometimes happens to those who wait. Hehehe.

Daryl Yumyum!!!

I am not sure though if this will lead to something else. I am still too tied with the though of Robbie and I kinda told Daryl about him and how I feel. He also knows Robbie and has stories to tell too. Now he thinks he's just one of my "aura". Plus I am not that sure if I am really ready for another relationship. I know, it has been one year and 11 months since I left Robbie. It's not that I have not moved on yet, I am just afraid - afraid that my next relationships will not last. Plus there are still a lot of fishes in the sea. I am the type who does not know when enough is enough when it comes to guys. I always know there is someone better - one of my many flaws I would say.

But what the heck! I will enjoy what I have now! And my officemates say Daryl is sooo cute. One of them is even drooling over him. Hahaha...

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  • We bring about new beginnings by deciding to bring about endings. To renew your life you must be willing to change, to make an effort to leave behind the things that compromise your wholeness. The universe rushes to support you whenever you attempt to take a step forward. Any time you seek to be in harmony with life, to make yourself feel more whole, all the blessings that flow from God stream toward you, to bolster you and encourage you, because all life is biased on the side of supporting itself.

    By Blogger iHeartBubo, at 10:34 AM  

  • Lalim naman nun iheartbubo. Hehehe. Joke. But thanks for the comment. Ü

    By Blogger /iambrew, at 1:01 AM  

  • Cute guy! Personally, he'd fare better without the excessive facial hair, but I'm thinking that's part of his charm or something.

    Again, cute guy!


    By Blogger Momel, at 10:07 AM  

  • @ momel - I agree. Lol. But just the same I still like him. I heard he's a player though but I am always up to games. You know me. Hehehe...

    By Blogger /iambrew, at 4:42 AM  

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