07 April 2006

Disaster in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera
I was with Aphol and Robbie last weekend (Mar 31-Apr 02) in White Beach Puerto Galera. The sun was really on our faces and almost burnt us out, except that I didn’t really soak in the sun that much. I stayed at Brux bar while the other two burned their asses on the beach.

On our last night there I met two Korean guys at Brux bar while I was drinking a bottle of beer. They introduced themselves but unfortunately I only got one guy’s name – Yabe. They asked for my name and number and where I lived. They also invited me out this Sunday. I am still waiting for their call though. Robbie on the other was talking to this guy (Filipino) who I always see in Malate. And by the way, he was cute and so was his two other friends. Seeing Robbie talk to that guy hurt me like hell. I just couldn’t look at them laughing together. Good thing Yabe and his friends came into the picture. I had reason to turn my back from Robbie. Of course that was an attempt to make Robbie jealous but to no avail. He seemed to have even liked it that we looked like we were not acquainted so he could go meet other guys.

The day after that, we did not talk at all. I didn’t even spoke with Aphol until we were on the bus on the way to Manila. Same with Robbie. I tried so desperately to avoid a chance for conversation but Robbie was so irresistible.

I really don’t get her. She just tries so hard. She is my friend but sometimes I don’t understand her. She easily get inlove with a guy and then when that guy doesn’t like her back and ignores her, she goes into this melodramatic diva. She always makes the wrong turns.

Last sighting: April 5 (Wednesday) early morning when I gave him something. I invited him to Galera hoping we could work things out and maybe get back together. I was really excited when I picked him up near his place and brought him home so I could pack my things for the beach. But during the entire vacation, he totally ignored me. Except when I was giving him head while Aphol was pretending to be sleeping. I finish him off (and myself) inside the bathroom. I tried to kiss him on the lips but he swayed his head right and left avoiding my lips. And that REALLY hurt—a lot. And he says he loves me. Duh! The sad thing is, I could not get myself to be mad at him. I love him too much for that. And my friends say I am so tanga (stupid). Well I know I am. Welcome to me.

After that last meeting, I texted him that I was giving up for real. I just hope I can sustain this and prove to myself that I will be able to forget him. No guarantees though. Up to know I still love and I miss him everyday.

Sighting: NONE. But he texted asking if I can help him apply for a job in a call center. I just replied, “Who u?”


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