29 March 2006

Can't Wait For FRIDAY!

Today is Wednesday. I can't wait for Friday to come. For two reasons: (1) I am going to Puerto Galera (my second time) with Aphol and probably with Robbie (my ex), and (2) I will be getting my tax refund worth almost Php 10,000 with my salary.

White Beach, Puerto Galera
Whooow! I will be going to Galera again for the second time. And guess who's gonna be with me? Hahaha... Aphol--the girl I was with during my first time there. I have also invited Robbie to join us and I am hoping that we'd get back together (really hoping). Ryan is also coming. I was introduced to Ryan by Steph (I call her Otap). He belongs from another program and we've met only once though we talk a lot through email at work. He will be leaving Manila on Saturday and catch up with us in White Beach because he has work on Friday.

Cairo Sighting: none. Though he texted me a couple of days back asking how I have been. I simply said I was doing fine. I didn't dwell on it too much. I know he doesn't really care.

Robbie Sighting: none though he too texted me a couple of days back thus the invitation to Galera.


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