04 March 2006

Cairo Had a Date
It ain't me

I finally met Cairo (website) for the second time. We had a long overdue coffee last night at Bo’s Coffee Club in SM North Edsa after his work. It was nice seeing him and he told me about his ex boyfriends and his three jobs. Imagine that. Cairo has three jobs.

He had a date with a lawyer guy so after the coffee we headed to Malate where his date was waiting. I think they met at Starbucks. We parted ways when we got there. I stayed at Rainbow Project near Bed, ordered myself a plate of sisig and a bottle of strong ice.

After around two hours and several bottles of beer and the plate almost empty, Cairo showed up with his date—a so-so date. Cairo seemed to enjoy his date so I stayed a few inches away from his body. I didn’t want his date having the impression that I was stealing his date away from him (which I should have done thinking of it now).

After a couple more beers, I became a little bit braver that I begun hugging him and giving him kisses on his arms and his back. And I kissed him on the lips when he moved his head closer to me. I was stunned on what I did but I think he didn’t mind it. I so want to kiss him more and hugged tighter but I am afraid he’d not like it. We were having fun nonetheless. It was so perfect a date. Except that I was not his legal date.

After a while, Cairo wanted to leave. I think he was a bit mad because his date got busy with another guy—his friend—that he met there. So we decided we’d go home. We said our goodbyes and headed on our way. I was not sure if he wanted to go some place else with me or he really wanted to go home and rest. I really hoped that we’d have more time together. But I thought he was tired so chose to believe the latter.

I will never forget what happened last night. I realized that I still have the same feelings for him as I did before. It didn’t falter. I also realized that he’s not interested, that he’s just there as a friend. I so want to protest but it’s not like I have any chance of winning. Now I am trying to move on—as always.


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