27 February 2006

Politics and Troll

I just got home from work. Today has been like any other Sunday (considering it was my Sunday shift). I am tired but I felt the need to post something today. And besides, there were a lot that happened and still happening. Although I don’t know exactly what is happening at Fort Bonifacio but still it had been the talk in the office since I had lunch (around 8pm) earlier. It is amazing how the President reacted to the People Power I anniversary. She declared State of Emergency and the last time I heard the police was arresting people because they think these people were involved in plotting to out stage the president from her seat. *Sigh Politics. What’s new anyhow? People can’t get along these days.

Enough of the current events. I just had a nice conversation with a guy officemate. Let’s call him Troll—not that he looks like a troll or anything. His hair is just so thick under his cap. That’s a clue. Anyways I have been trying to know if he were gay or not. We are talking over email for the past weeks and he seems nice. Makes me feel guilty I’m doing an investigation on him. His not my usual crushable type but he’s cute in his own way. So were talking about sex earlier and how he was a horny bunny before. Apparently this lad believes he has changed. I don’t think so, I thought. We touched the topic of same sex encounters and he confided that he have had a sexual thing going on before with a guy who pretended to be a girl when they were chatting. Troll went to this guy’s apartment looking for a shag and thinking he was shagging a girl but to his dismay the she was a guy. But still, out of being so horny (according to him) he did him. Yeah. It was an anal fest. His first time, he said. I asked him if he liked it and he said it was okay and had really no choice because apparently Troll had a lot of stamina for sex that day. I was surprised he would even be honest with me about that. Makes me wanna shag him too. Harhar.

Anyways, I asked him if he wanted to have coffee this Friday and he said yes. He even gave me his number. I am not counting on it though. You know how guys are. They tend to change their minds about dates. Is this a date? Definitely not! It’s just coffee. Ü


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