18 April 2006

My Father and Memoirs of Geisha

My father is here. He’s here for a seminar at PNU—some teacher stuff and also to enroll my sister in college. He will be here for a month.

We talked about my work and how things were back home. He also said that my weight had improved a little—which is good news for me. We talked for about an hour until I finally decided to watch a movie.

Memoirs or Geisha. I am not a movie critic but when I see a movie and actually like it, I give it all the praises I think it deserves. Memoirs is one of them. The movie is basically about a young girl who got sold by her parents. She was brought to Okea and was made a slave. Then she was trained to be a geisha and was she great. She had eyes like water, as how the characters repeatedly described her. When she was young she met the Chairman and from that moment on, everything she did, she did to get closer to him. And just like any other movie, they ended up together in the end. Cliché but I like it. It’s not a question of what happeneds in the end, it’s how the movie generates from beginning to end—the struggles inbetween and the like.

Cairo sighting: None. But he had been here. See tagboard entry. His exact entry was, “TO BE HURT BY OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE.” Whatever the means. I hate him.


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I have found love but it left me suddenly for reasons until now I do not understand. He pierced right through everything that is me and left a broken arrow in my heart. But I let that happen because I loved him so sincerely. If there was a time I really loved someone, it would be that time. He rocked my world; sadly, he rocked me to my death.


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