24 April 2006


Monday. It is my day off again. Sunday will be the second. Argh! I hate split offs. But I don’t have the choice. I don’t make the schedule. It is necessary that I get Sunday as my off for our team outing at Virgin Beach Batangas but I would have preferred it if my days off would be Saturday and Sunday. Not like this.

Anyways, earlier I remember ihatecofi, an infamous blogger for his rude and conotic way of writing about almost anything. He refers to people he believes to have a lower status as him as orcs and call center agents as baduy. The first time I read his blog I was kinda hurt and mad about how he treats and describes people around him. But I suddenly realized that to be affected by that alone is so pathetic. He has the right to his own opinion as much as I have with mine. Now, I am enjoying how he writes and the truth is, I kinda learn to like him. Though I have never seen how he looks like or if he has the right (may K kung baga) to be judgemental and rude but I visualize him as someone who is cute, cool and rich. Hahaha…

I send Marj some his blog posts and as expected she was appalled by the way he writes. I could not blame her. I was like that the first time. She thinks and firmly believes that ihatecofi is gay. I also think so. But that is beside the point. He stirs people’s emotions and influence them in such a way as Oprah Winfrey does. Somehow I am envious of his blog. Imagine having hundreds of comments in a month! He gets Blogger’s traffic so busy.

Well if you don’t have anything interesting and exciting to do, I suggest you take a peek at his blog. And I promise, you will keep coming back for more. I swear!

His blog is @ http://www.cofibean.blogspot.com/
His disclaimer:
"Disclaimer: Please don't make basa my journal if you find this offensive. Go browse disneyland.com instead. Hope I made it clear. Now, if you still comment on my site, it only means one thing -- you are really one stupid bobo orc!"


  • I visit his blog too. Meron din s'ya dati 'yung caffeine rush pero lumipat na nga s'ya. I think he's really rich (or maybe not, dunno for sure). But I don't think he speaks like that for real. I will make him batok talaga and make tadyak his Charles Dickens (oops apologies to the classic author, never will I use his name again in vain). XD

    By Anonymous skwayred, at 11:11 PM  

  • hi brew!
    thanks for dropping by the neko! interesting place you have here :)


    By Blogger dreaming-neko, at 11:02 AM  

  • skwayred >>> hahaha... me too. i dun think he speaks like that for real. although i know someone (but not rude as cofibean is) who speaks like that FOR REAL. as in sobrang conotic. he's like so yaman talaga and liek speaks weird. peo he's uber gwapo din kaya i think he has the right to make salita like that. (ano daw?)


    By Blogger /iambrew, at 6:22 AM  

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