19 April 2006

We Are Family

The whole family is here. It’s been years since the family got together under one roof. And earlier today, my mom and two of my other siblings came to Manila for a vacation. I was surprised to see a lot has change with my sister and my youngest brother—Kristen and Kristoffer. Kristoffer (the youngest) is now taller than Kristen.

Kristen will be studying college now and my parents are eyeing at Lanting because it is just near the house. She will be staying in my room with me so that means booking at home will not be an option anymore. Not that I am sad about it or anything. The fact is I am excited with Nene being here. A lot of people say we somehow look the same and I know Nene is beautiful so does that mean I am gorgeous as well? No question about that.

My mom wasn’t as excited though. She still believes my life could have been better. I agree but the pressure is the least I need right now. It’s been hard getting ends meet and she blurting about other people having better jobs and lives makes me sad. She still thinks that my life is a waste. Not particularly because of my job but because of how I act. I am, according to her, childish. I never matured over the years. But I still love her nonetheless. She and Papa have been my biggest fan and supporter ever since. Pro’ly she’s just frustrated that of what I have become—no care about God. Of course I do. I just don’t flaunt it.

I didn’t sleep. So except me to be a bit grumpy today here at work. Argh!


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