20 April 2006

Grumpy Brew @ Retail Theraphy

Half towards my shift and I was already sleeping with my mouth open (*gross). I hope nobody saw me. I also the security cameras didn’t catch me sleeping or else…

Tessa brought me a really big lumpia (no meat) earlier before my shift. It was so huge that I was not able eat half of it. 40 bucks worth. I decided that I’d eat it during my first break. And I didn’t. Instead I bought myself those buy one take one burgers down at Hepalane and ate them in less than 10 minutes. Imagine that! If it were a race I’d pro’ly go home victorious!

I ate lunch alone because the queue couldn’t manage to have Tessa and me go on lunch together. I was really sleepy then and full from the burgers so I decided to forgo my usual sisig (I’ve been eating the same lunch for weeks now) and opted for a BBQ from Inengs. 32.50 bucks. But if you buy it with c cup of rice it’ll cost you 39 bucks, 10 bucks for the rice. I didn’t understand and I wanted to ask the lady who was behind the cashier but I was too sleepy and lonely to exert an effort. I finished my supposedly lunch early, like I always do when I am alone, and headed to 7-11 to buy me a bottle of Red Bull. I figured an energy will somehow keep me awake for the rest of my shift. It kinda did the trick. The queue also helped.

Anwyays, Vera, one of our QAs (quality assurance something) noticed my email signature and my subtle promotion of this blog. Apparently she is a fellow blogger too. And I must say, her’s is far more interesting than mine. (Okay I am being too nice here.) It is worth the visit and I actually like the layout. Try it. You might find something that interests you. RETAIL THERAPHY is the name of the blog.

I am too tired and sleepy. Gotta hit the sack soon. See yah tomorrow.


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