04 May 2006

Getting Stuck On An Elevator

The scariest and the funniest thing happened to me today. I arrived at work two hours before my shift (6pm) and Nard’z –the rudest guy I know (yet he can get away with it with just a laugh and everybody feels better) asked me if I wanted to smoke downstairs. I also invited Jorell (another officemate) to come down with us. Now our office is on the 22nd floor.

So we took the elevator and to my shock and surprise, the elevator suddenly stopped, the lights went off and I started to panic my ass off. Good thing we were the only people on the elevator—or else I could have humiliated myself a lot. After like 10 seconds, the lights went on and the elevator started working. And then we laughed at how stupid and funny my reaction was during the power outage.

That was my first time to be stuck in an elevator. And God, it is not one of those moments I’d want to experience again. Makes me realize that pro’ly I am some kinda claustrophobic. And being trapped in that box with cables on top of it really got me scared to death.

But hey, it was a funny experience. Something that I can share to my friends and then make fun of myself again. Hahaha…


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