13 June 2006

MOCC: On Punctuality

One hour more to go and I am outta here. My first day of Refunds after the training last week is about to be over and I CAN NOT WAIT. I mean it! I had like four calls and I sucked, big time. As in! Thank God for my friends. *does the sign of the cross

Anyways, I am not really feeling fine today. I have a very bad case of cold but I can not afford to be absent today. In fact, I do not want to be absent today. Attendance is really important to me and of course punctuality. I hate being late and definitely hate waiting. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues (if there are any).

I think this goes way way back in high school. It was my junior year and me and my friends (coz we thought it would be fun) joined the MOCC (or for other schools they called it CAT). It was one year training that was held every Saturday. Being on time was strictly implemented. And when I mean strictly I mean there were consequences if you were late.

5am – I wake up for the daily MOCC
6:45am – Formation and different drills begin. We also jog
around campus.
7:10am – Flag ceremony starts. It’s either I do the
drums for the morning exercise or I am one of the flag bearers or shouts
“Talupad na!” in a seemingly constipated manner so the students will start to
form a line for the ceremony. After the flag ceremony we have our last formation
for the morning. Here, we are briefed of things about the training and some
other stuff.
5:30pm – We have our afternoon formation that usually
lasts for an hour. Here we have some more drills and shouting and chanting and
the like. Our officers also give us duties or tasks like do their paper reports
for class, do their notebooks for the grading period, carry their bags and books
home and some other stuff we are not allowed to say no to. Sometimes a small
program is also conducted. We were made to sing or dance depending on the
officers’ mood.

During the weekend training, we were made to rappel from one end of the rope to another with a dirty and smelly fishpond under us while we had our rifles around our bodies. We ate square meals during lunch and sometimes dirty and uncooked food.

This was how my junior high school looked like. One year of training to become an officer. We also had this thing called Hell Week when we were made to dress up funny for one whole week and we were not allowed to change outfits for the whole time we were inside the campus. And our campus included both HS and College levels and was a huge campus. I remember wearing barong with a bayong as our school bags. Also we were made to jeans inside out and other crazy stuff, again, depending on the officers’ liking.

We also wore nametags. Mine was pinokyo. We had in front and on our back. Once inside the campus, we were supposed to double-walk meaning we had to walk faster (twice faster than the regular walking). Consequences awaited those who were caught not doing the double-walk. Every mistake came with punishments.

During our last training, we were maid to cover our bodies with mud, produce bubbles submerged to an irrigation tunnel, wear our co-trainees’ uniforms, share one piece of candy, and other gross stuff, again, depending on the officers’ demands.

After the one-year training, our positions were given to us during the graduation. And I became Lieutenant Commander for Alpha Company and under me were two platoons. I was also the fifth from the highest position during my senior year.


  • GOSH BREW! di ko akalain na magiging first post me sa laki ng readership mo! May word bang readership?

    Anyway, I remember CAT sa highschool and HELLDAY sa college, usually sa mga organizations at fraternities yan eh!

    So happy to magreminsce the mud bodies an irrigation bubbles! hehe! Saya ng HighSchool!!!

    By Blogger Jigs, at 9:54 AM  

  • wow brew. i know how you felt nun. in all fairness i had a lot of fun during my CAT days. i joined them my freshman year and was Ex-O when i graduated.

    cool. ibang klase trip ng mga sups nyo nun ha.

    By Blogger ira, at 10:01 AM  

  • Whoaaw, we're you already gay then Brew? I don't know, reading your post you seemd so manly doing all those drills and stuff.

    Oooh, a different side of Brew :D

    By Blogger juice is justine, at 1:52 PM  

  • i had fun in cat...

    was an officer then... did the cocc training when i was a junior which gave me a ranking when i got into senior year...

    i thought it was fun... really fun...

    By Blogger XanFactor, at 3:02 PM  

  • (ok, i'll be the bitchy one in this comment box.)

    well, was it worth it, brew? the inhumane treatmenmt no one, NO ONE, (yes not even you) deserves? and what did you make the next generation officers do when it was your turn, huh?

    Okay don't mind that. i just felt that this thread needed an antagonist. besides, it's been a long time since i left a message in your blog. But seriously, i admire you for that CAT thing.

    By Blogger carl, at 4:41 PM  

  • CAT sucks and so do ROTC. now, one congressman is planning to revive (from its deep slumber) the latter.
    have nothing mediocre to say (to him) but better do your homework old man. there are a lot of problems the philippines is facing. do not waste the taxpayer's money.

    By Blogger allan, at 11:07 PM  

  • Hey BREW!
    I went to a one week training as well in TANAY RIZAL, the experience was good, rappelling, the XY match and survey, cooking food and all the stuff but i didnt had the chance to go to the whole campus to wear anything but it was the summer training i did when i was in 3rd year going on 4th year. after the training i got the Cadet 2nd Lieutenant for 1st Platoon Leader for ALPHA COMPANY, promotions are on going on the whole year. Ive been promoted as ALPHA COMPANY COMMANDER. and graduated as CADET CAPTAIN. and i handle the PASA MASID for the whole CORP in HS.. i become officer again in ROTC.. it was a good thing.."DONT QUIT"

    By Blogger NeiLDC, at 2:07 AM  

  • fuck.. akoh nga eh.. 1st lieutenant for Alpha Company lang naabot koh.. pano ba naman yung closet queen naming corp commander wouldn't allow me to be Company commander kase daw i wasn't tall enough and besides, men looked better up front that standing behind a lady leader. Which really sucked because the guy they put in the spot i deserved couldn't even stay in line with everyone else and he could hardly give out a command without stuttering or tripping over his own feet....

    A major turn-off...


    By Blogger apoljuice, at 3:02 AM  

  • Wow!

    I was only the Company Commander for Honor & Escort Coy. Never heard? Haha! That is because our school has the ONLY H&E Coy. Wala lang, trip lang nila. Basta, it's higher than Alpha and Bravo. In our school ha..

    What I love in CAT is the camping and initiattion. It's fun to torture the COLTs! Ask Arvin.. Haha!

    By Blogger Jhed, at 1:12 PM  

  • men in uniform...(moans...moans...pinching my nipples...inserti+++++)


    By Blogger Bryan Anthony the First, at 8:46 PM  

  • CAT kewlness! I really enjoyed the torture and training! alot of things learned. i was platoon comander too small school kasi hehe! ROTC never experienced that kasi napalitan ng Civic Welfare Training Service ata yun basta its CWETS yun.
    "when things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road your treading... blah blah blah, rest if you must but DON'T QUIT!
    wow brew commander ka?! KEWLNESS!

    By Blogger Earth, at 8:15 PM  

  • @ jigs - oo nga. congrats at ikaw ang first comment dito sa post ko. tagal ko ring nawala. huhu... busy lang po.

    mas gusto ko college kesa HS...

    @ ira - korek ka. iba nga trip ng officers namin nun... grabe sila magpahirap... hayyy...

    @ justine - yep. i was already gay then. hmmm... i think i have been gay the moment i laid eyes on a straight guy. hahaha... but acceptance is a diff story... college na yun... wahehehe...

    @ xanfactor - i had fun din noon though sobrang mahirap... wahehehe. barkada ko naman kasi lahat ng officers...

    @ carl - i think so too. it was a bit inhuame but we had fun din naman and past is past... okay lang yun... something i can tell my friends and friends-to-be about... wahehehe...

    The brusko side of BREW...

    @ agc_dlsu - ROTC sucks pero sobrang love ko yung kabuddy ko nun... hayy. i think i was even inlove with him... wahehehe...

    @ neil.dc - okay na sa akin maging officer nung HS. sa ROTC sobra naman atang hirap na di ba? wahehehe... esp sa UP. grabe training dun kaya...

    @ apoljuice - ako hawak ko Alpha Company meaning lahat ng boys sa school (yumyum) at part ng girl population din... wahehehe...

    @ jhed - escort ka? escort service ba ito? wahehehe...

    @ bryan anthony the first - men in uniform... yumyum!

    @ earth - ako ROTC talaga... huhuhu... ang init lagi...

    By Blogger /iambrew, at 11:57 PM  

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