08 July 2006

On Death, Shopping and EXs

First of all I would like to send my condolences for my ”friend’s” family. My friend’s father passed away last July 01 due to some lung complications. I was there for two straight nights eating butong pakwan and on the second night had three bottles of beer while my friend’s friends grill me with questions about me and my “friend.” Wahehehe.

Anyways, I met Ryan, one of my ex boyfriends, at Bo’s last Wednesday. We had coffee and went shopping. Folded and Hung (F&H) had a sale and I bought this pink tee 10% off from it’s original price. I am wearing it right now actually.

The shopping was actually just a spur of the moment. I wanted to show him the pants from Whoops .which costs like more than Php 2,000 and this jacket which costs just around that amount as well. I am planning to buy them next week and I wanted his second opinion. He liked them and I feel in love with them. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much for two items when I could go to Greenhills and buy so much more with the same amount. Hayyy… Good thing I did not carry that much cash when I first went there.

So we roamed the other clothings shops and that was how we ended up at F&H. He helped me fit the tee on and we decided to go with the extra small. Hahaha.

Afterwhich we had coffee again at Coffee X and stayed there until around 9pm. We decided to go to Palawan Grill in Cubao with Lexan who was inviting me to go with him there. Lexan wanted to check the place out since he had never been there. I had been there once and did not stay long. The place was just plain scary. And the restrooms? ewww. But I heard they had a renovation of the place so I finally agreed to go. And I was hoping I’d see Robbie there. I heard he frequents the place. I miss him so much. No, I miss him terribly. He is still the love of my life and I can’t let go.

Before Ryan and I went there, we had dinner at Dencio’s Cubao. We had pork sisig and stayed there until around 10pm. We met Lexan on our way to Palawan Grill.

But I was disappointed to know Robbie wasn’t there. So I just played with my phone’s bluetooth over bottles and bottles of beer… and an often visit to the washroom. Still the same though… ewww…

After Palawan, I brought Ryan back to his place and headed to my “friend’s” house since he asked me to meet him. I didn’t know what happened and I was half-hoping I’d get a fuck. He picked me up at Burger Machine and we headed to this church. Along the way he told me the news. His father died. I felt terrible of thinking I’d have sex that night. I was so guilty. And to think, I actually like this “friend” of mine.

And oh, I almost forgot, my dad and mom are here again. Some school stuff. And mom is kinda disappointed I didn’t stay home on my days off. I am such a bad son. Hayyy. Don’t get me wrong though. I so love ‘em both.


  • Brew! Can this be true? I'm first to comment! hehe!
    Una sa lahat, my sincere condolences to your "friend".

    Second, sino si "friend"?

    Third, its nice to know na friends mo parin ang ilang ex mo. At least hindi completely nadissolve ang relationship niyo. :)

    By Blogger Jigs, at 10:28 AM  

  • who's the friend? tsk tsk :)

    haha. hindi kasya sakin ang extra small ng f&h. well, kasya, pero baka maging violet ang mukha ko dahil sa lack of oxygen. haha.

    By Blogger juicypapaya, at 10:26 PM  

  • ei brew... inggit naman ako sa inyo ni lexan...panay rampa nyo ha

    anyway...have a great day...everyday :-)

    (may sense ba yung sinabi ko?)


    By Blogger Bryan Anthony the First, at 11:06 PM  

  • ei juicy...kung di kasya extra small...baka naman kasya small o medium??


    By Blogger Bryan Anthony the First, at 11:07 PM  

  • we would love to see the extra small pink t-shirt... and we're going to comment if pink is your color. =)

    By Blogger allan, at 12:57 PM  

  • i like your blog.


    By Blogger odavoca boyrl, at 5:51 PM  

  • Aww, hope you see Robbie soon.

    If not, don't see him, coz you'll miss him even more than that. :D

    By Blogger juice is justine, at 11:07 PM  

  • @ jigs - congrats! wahehehe... si "friend" ay siya. wahehehe. i wrote about him here. one of my one night stands. hahahaha...

    some of my ex im friends with. well, tatlo lang ata sa kanila... wahehehe...

    @ juicypapay - hahaha. seems like everyone is interested to know who that "friend" is. read my reply for jigs.

    sinuot ko yung tee na nabili ko at okay naman siya eh. try mo small or medium. baka nga magkulay ube ka nyan. wahehehe... nakakatuwa ka.

    @ bryan anthony the first - wahehehe. rampa wala namang tooot! wahehehe...

    @ agc_dlsu - try ko magpicture with my tee on. wahehehe...hmmm.. oo nga noh! cge post ako ng pic in my pink tee and you tell me kung bagay sa akin pink. wahehehe...

    @ sa.bandang.dulo.pa - thanks for liking my blog. wahehehe...

    @ juice is justine - i hope so too. hayy. i miss him na...

    ang gulo naman. to see or not to see. that is the question! wahehehe...

    By Blogger /iambrew, at 12:54 AM  

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