08 May 2006

I Think I Need a BF

Hahaha. The title of this blog does not have anything to do with the content. I love to mislead...

Went to the mall today with my youngest bro and my sister. I promised them a treat and earlier was a good time since today's my day off from work.

Anyways, SM North Edsa (as always) was full of crowd from all walks of life. Some were actually buying things and some were just fitting clothes and touching stuff. It was really hard to tell which amongst the crowd were there to shop from the ones who were there just for the AC, considering it's really hot outside.

Wearing my new flipflops from Human, we headed to National Bookstore first where I bought around 300 bucks worth of notebooks for my bro. I also included a few pens. Then we went to Human (this is beginning to be my shopping mecca) to supposedly buy him a new bag for school. So the three of us were there and I told my bro to choose which bag he liked. But instead of choosing from the bag section, he went straight to where the caps were. We made a deal, it's either a bag or a baseball cap. He chose the latter. The cap was nice though if asked I would go for the bag -- more important as of press time since scgool is near. I also got myself this really cool belt (military-type) that has got a pocket on the side. I really love it i wore it when we were @ Ice Monster. Wahehehe. Talk about excitement!

After shopping, we went outside the mall to the Garden. I introduced them to the overrated Ice Monster (people actually think it tastes good when it's just ice and hersheys on top). I got myself a Caramelo frapp from Bo's.

We waited for Papa (biologically speaking) to meet us there since he also went to SM to have some pictures printed from his camera. When he finally showed up, me and my siblings decided to go home since Papa was still waiting for the pictures. We passed by Dots and More (I hate their donuts. GoNuts is still better) and bought ourselves half a dozen. Pasalubong for the people left in the house.

Reactions of the people from what we bought...
Mama-- Toto should have bought a bag instead.
Reggie-- The Bag would have been better. More donuts please.
Me-- Yeah I agree. The BAG!


  • brew,


    sayang, you should have
    put the disclaimer on the
    latter part rather than in
    the 'lead'...hehehe hahanapan
    at reretuhan pa naman sana kita.


    By Anonymous gari, at 12:36 AM  

  • gari,
    akin na yung irereto mo...
    (1) singkit
    (2) yung kayang buhayin sarili niya
    (3) yung di lang sex hanap
    (4) dapat cute
    (5) mapagmahal
    (6) at marami pang iba.


    By Blogger /iambrew, at 5:48 AM  

  • brew,

    sisimulan ko
    na maghanap...
    for LTR ba iyan?


    By Anonymous gari, at 8:22 AM  

  • Anong LTR? Long term relationship ba ibig sabihin nyan?

    By Blogger /iambrew, at 2:43 PM  

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