26 July 2006

On Highschool and Sexcapades

Was on my days off and a lot happened. I met with Rus, Bern’s bestfriend and this guy from guys4men.com. Yes, I have recently made an account there, you know, to widen my scope… errr… market. Hahaha.

Is it just me or is the world about to end? Scary huh?

Anyways, did I say this post is gonna be non-sense? I dunno. Lately I have been doing a lot of stuff I could not even visit my blog.

Oh I almost forgot, I met up with some of HS classmates last Saturday night. Errr… actually it was more Sunday early morning. As soon as I got off from my shift I headed to Bustillos and met my friend Mark (the accountant) and Cathy at 7-11. It was Lee’s blowout-slash-birthday party. He recently passed the board. Lucky him. Well I kinda envy him. You know the feeling where you are left behind? Yeah. Before I went to the party I was really thinking about it. About my future, about meeting my highschool classmates after almost 4years. Yes, I have been out of the circulation that long. I was so busy with college and eventually with work that minggling with my HS classmates wasn’t an option. Plus I don’t have their contacts.

When I got to Cherry Bhe’s apartment (where the party was being held) I was suddenly flushed back to the past. There they were, my classmates, some I considered my friends (notice the –ed in consider?). As soon as I sat down, Denfield offered me a glass (it was a plastic cup actually/some things never change) of Red Horse with no ice. I requested for ice and they started teasing me about how different I was and how “up there” I was. Totally a LIE. I was not up there! I AM not up there! Well I must admit, I looked shit in high school. The truth is I was a bit nervous when I met them. It must be because I didn’t know how to react, how to say “hi” or “hello.” But I got the hang of it and eventually minggled, but with reservations of course.

The guy I used to have a crush with in HS and in early college was there as well. Yes, something happened between us, twice. He is straight though. Yeah this guy's for real. Trust me. And I am not telling who he is. Some of my HS friends are reading my blog. Hi Mark!

Mark, Douglas (who now goes by the name of Ashley) and I went home around 6am. Douglas went to a separate direction and Mark and I went to Espana where I was supposedly to hail a cab. Mark crossed and wne home. I waited for an empty cab, half-asleep puffing the cigarette Cherry Bhe gave me. To make things worse, the rain started pouring. Suddenly there was this guy in green jacket sitting beside me and I asked if he had a light. He offered and then started a conversation. He asked where I was going, I simply said home. Then he asked if I wanted to stay in his friend’s pad for a while and simply said no. then he offered that I could ride along in his friend’s car since they’re going to his pad in Visayas avenue and I was an avenue away. After many pleas, I finally said yes and went in his friend’s car. I immediately fell asleep and when I awoke we were in QC Circle. I told them to drop me off there. From there I took a cab home. Weird, really. That was my first time.

The Pokpok in me. Wahehehe.

Rus and I watched Nacho Libre last Monday at Gateway. He was okay but not really the can-you-be-my-bf type. We agreed to take it slow. Probably he feels the same way about me. Hahaha. But I am not affected. As usual, I made my famous sorry-I-am-not-yet-over-with-my-previous-bf line. And it worked! Bern was telling me to take care of his bestfriend as well. It’s not like we’re together or anything, right?

After the seeing Rus at Gateway I headed home and fixed myself for another getaway in the far place of Monumento. Hahaha. I met Dino at guys4men.com and he had been inviting me to his place since Sunday. I kinda said I’d go there last Sunday but since I was really tired from work and the rain was so hard I decided to cancel. But last Monday night I had no reason to decline. Of course there’s the bad weather but I was horny as well and I was up for some drinking. So I went there amidst the really really bad weather and my feet soaking in some dirty and filthy flood water. I met him and his other friend and this guy from Baguio who was wasted inside Dino’s room with Dino’s housemate hugging him. Hahaha. Of course, needless to say, Dino and I had sex. It wasn’t until the following morning that I saw the guy from Baguio. Name’s Marco if I remember it correctly and he was so fucking CUTE! Just my type. Tall, chinito, lean and really hadnsome. Unfortunately, Dino’s friend was all over him so I was not able to make a move. I didn’t even get his phone number. Lame. I was really disappointed. Good thing Takeshi (remember the Japanese guy?) kept me company through texting. Yes, he finally knows who I am and he said I was suplado the first time we’ve met. He also asked me about my boyfriend. And then I remembered. During Rocky’s bday party he asked me if I was with someone and instantly said yes. It was like saying, “Back off!” I cleared things out and said I am very available. Hahaha.

Went home around 10pm last night, had phone sex with a couple of guys and enjoyed the rainy and cold weather. Jannah was, as usual, on top of me while I cover myself in blanket.

I’ll be posting some pics soon. Watch out!

Am I such a horny bastard? What do you think?


  • ako'y UNA!

    everyone's a horny bastard.

    darn, i noticed that you're really busy. you're not even answering in your tagboard anymore. or even fucking a comment in my blog! AHEHEH. :))

    la lang.

    ayun lang. dumaan. well. ang dami mong lalaki ha, i wonder why?

    ako rin, medyo kinakabahan if ever i'd meet with my hyskul friends in the future. para kasing manliliit ako.. ahehehe. anyway.

    ayun lang. sige. :) http://utakgago.blogspot.com

    By Blogger utakgago, at 8:14 PM  

  • Horny, yes. Bastard, No. Bitch maybe? LOL! Just kidding!

    I cant believe you still had to join that guys4men site. Dont you have enough already? hehe!

    I better prepare myself for more of your sexcapades! LOL!

    By Blogger Jigs, at 8:48 PM  

  • horny? sometimes. bastard? nope. bitch? very often (before). now, back to being goody guy. =)

    By Blogger allan, at 9:55 PM  

  • Lahat yata ng tao ngayon ay busy. Surprisingly, despite your busy-ness, you still have time to have sex!! LOL. Haaaay grabe. LOL.

    Ingats ingats!

    By Blogger Jhed, at 8:31 AM  

  • Yeah Kevin is right. Everyone's a horny bastard. haha..

    So many guys, so little time..
    I thinks that's too underrated for you Brew. Hahaha

    By Blogger juice is justine, at 4:01 PM  

  • @ utakgago - di ba utakgapo toh? wahehehe...

    im sorry baby. been too busy with nothing. wahehehe. basta ganun.

    @ jigs - bitch? maybe. ako yun! ako yun! there's never enough...

    @ agc_dlsu - goody guy? ako rin toh! wahehehe...

    @ jhed - oo nga noh! despite my being busy i still have time to have sex. astig!!!

    @ justine - underrated? bakit naman?

    By Blogger /iambrew, at 4:45 PM  

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