09 May 2006

Indulge Youselves In ME

It's 3:00 AM Tuesday. I don't feel like sleeping yet. About an hour ago, me and my siblings watched Zathura. What a waste of hard-earned money.

Anyways, there are two movies left (The Amytyville Horror and Into the Blue). I rented 'em overnight. I guess I am never gonna see the other two movies. Too bad.

After Zathura, I had the urge to shoot some pics. And here they are. Hahaha...

Indulge yourselves in ME...

I am outside the house posing for the camera while everyone is asleep. Hahaha....

One more...

I need PROTECTION. I got the sticker back in college. People loved to give condoms back then. This sticker was part of the package. I got lots of condoms then. They're stil in my room btw. If you need one, just give me a holla!

Got work later. Shift changed this week--3pm to midnight. I love this shift!


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