03 February 2010

The Photographer and the Model at 5505
Day 2

At 5 am the following morning, we were walking to the beach in hope of beautiful shots of the sunrise. Yanie was still in her pajamas and I was in my sleeping pants. The morning got breeze got colder as we approached the wonderful waters of Barangay Tabin-dagat. We waited patiently for the sun to rise while doing some exercises kuno. We jogged around in the islets and took pictures of the sun rising in the east. Unfortunately the sky was filled with low dark clouds so we didn’t see the rising of the sun in full. It was okay. We still have our camera.

We are waiting for the sunrise

Yanie and me at the beach

What's left of the sunset after dark clouds covered most of it

February 01 - Start of another empty V month :(

The Odiongan public market was our next stop. Yanie bought small shrimps which she made into okoys that evening and two tumpok ng sihi which my sister-in-law cooked with coconut milk for lunch. Yanie also got herself some kind of green sea algae, which smells really weird which she made into a salad added with sliced tomatoes, vinegar, onions, etc.

At the market

The clams we caught yesterday and the sihi from the market in coconut milk
We went back to the beach come afternoon and Yanie wore her pretty small white dress which she bought from the Ukay-ukay managed by my sister-in-law for only 100 bucks.

We saw this sign on the way to the beach. Hmmm... Parang bitin ng siya ng very light. Very light lang naman. Lol.

My time to shine... in yellow!

In a small pretty white dress from UK

The photographer in a semi-yummy-lakas-makaStraight-pose

After a hard day's work, the photographer and the model enjoyed some snacks. Nagbaon kami ng nilagang saging at kalamay-hati sa beach then bili ng gulaman sa may parola. Sarap!

That night, we picked Buen from his house and headed to Barangay Libertad’s fiesta. The coronation was boring so we enjoyed ourselves in the perya where I lost six pesos. We didn’t stay long and went straight home.

Me playing "color game" at a perya at Libertad

Are you familiar with the "color game"?

Buen, Yanie and Me

You can also see the rest of the pictures at Yanie's and my Facebook accounts.

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The Photographer and the Model at 5505
Day 1 (continuation)

Choose your color: One of the many delicacies of the province. Lol.

After lunch we headed back to the beach to watch the sunset. We arrived early so we went ahead and took more pictures until the screen of the camera was saying, “Low Battery.” Good thing it didn’t fully gave up on us come sunset.

Here are some pictures of our misadventures.

Yanie minus the tummy tuck courtesy of Adobe Photohop CS. Alaveit!

Yanie's Ploning version - FLONING!

Basa sa Dagat Part 2

Yanie takes on a more daring role.

Movie Title: Ang Kamison ni Lola.

My Alma Mater now known as Romblon State University (RSU)

White part at the beach! :)

Brew soaring high... (blag! sakit...)

Yanie and Me invades the mangroves - about 3km from the town proper.

Want some BJ?

Brew points at the beautiful Odiongan sunset. Indeed a lovely sight.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset. Yanie and I were there to witness one of nature's miracles. This end welcomes a new beginning.

You can also see the rest of the pictures at Yanie's and my Facebook accounts.

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01 February 2010

The Photographer and the Model at 5505
Day 1

It's Yanie's second day here in Odiongan and I am so excited about her trip here. Yanie is an ex-officemate from eTelecare Global Solutions which recently merged (most of us think it's a buyout) with Stream Global Services. She's in the frontdesk scene in the Alabang site but we previously worked together in an account in Libis.

She left Batangas port at around 6pm and arrived here around 3am. Usually the trip only lasts around 8hrs and that the Roro (Roll on, Roll off) leaves the port at 5pm. I didn't know what caused the delay.

I arrived the Odiongan port around 1:30am, left my bike outside the gate and asked the guard if he can let me in explaining that my friend had a lot of baggage with her and would need help. I lied of course. She only had two bags with her. The port was almost empty except for the jeepneys parked on the left side and some vendor offering boiled eggs and peanuts. In my hurry, I left the house without my undies on and was only wearing a white board shorts. It was really cold.

I didn't have any money on me and was really wanting to smoke. The guard said the boat would arrive in between 2am-3am. There was still no boat that can be seen in the horizon so I hurriedly went back home, got money and bought meself 10pcs of Marlboro lights. It was only a 15-20 minute drive to and fro so I was back at the port in no time. The boat docked past 3am and a few minutes after, I was waving my hands to Yanie.

Day 1
We headed to the beach both wearing white and had a pictorial. Well I was the camera guy, she was the over-excited-and-demanding model. It was all fun.

After the shoot, we went back home, had lunch and went to another part of the beach. She also bought some pasalubongs for her officemates.

To be continued...
(We're off to the beach again. More pictures to come. Watch out!)

You can also see the rest of the pictures at Yanie's and my Facebook accounts.

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