28 January 2007

"Pwede pa-Cheers?"
A One Helluva Birthday Celebration!

Here's how my birthday went...

December 23, 2006 - I went to the office to meet Aphol. It was my day-off but I dragged my ass out to go to Eastwood to have coffee with her. It was her treat anyways. Before coffee, We had dinner at Goldilocks where she bought me a slice of cake... ***sweetness but unfortunately I am not a cake person, so the cake ended up just having one bite. Hehehe...

After dinner we went to Starbucks to have coffee where I saw Steph - former officemate. I stayed there coz Aphol had to go back to work. Around midnight, I decided to leave and head to P2. I tried to invite Ryan but he was not available. I ended up sitting on the second floor alone. Next to me was a guy... semikal my God!. He was with his friends but most of the time he was left alone sitting there while his friends danced on the stage with people half-naked. ***yummy...

After two round of Colt Ice and a sizzling plate of chicken, I finally decided to talk to him. Here's the line that would after be my famous line at work... "Pwede pa-cheers?!" Hahaha. I was never really good at pick-up lines and that was the best I could think of that time. And it worked. After that, he typed something in his phone and then he showed it to me - "What's your name?" I promptly replied using my phone. And then we exchanged numbers and the converstation went on through the night... ***or early morning...

The next thing I knew he was with me in bed. We were so drunk and sex was just not possible. We tried but it seemd like alcohol drunk both of our patotoys...

But we did it in the morning and we stayed at home until evening, hugging, exchanging mp3s, pictures and having sex.

He bade farewell around 7pm.

Now I could not even remember his name...

That was a one-of-a-kind birthday celebration. My first btw. And it was one helluva fun!

27 January 2007

Disorganized Thoughts

I am at work. I came in this early just to post something.

I really miss blogging - visiting other blogs, reading senseless thoughts (*winks) and stuff. I miss the people here.

Anyways, I think I owe all of you a lot of stories. I don't even know where to begin. Hmmm...

Well probably when I get all my thoughts straight and organized that's when I'll tell you guys all about the things that had happened during the time I was away (from the net).

But now I just wanna say I MISS ALL OF YOU!


26 January 2007


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And yes, this is my FIRST post this new year - Year of the PIG! Hahaha. I wonder what this year will bring me. One of my friends told me that this year is special. You know why? according to him, "Lahat ng relasyon ngayong taon ay babuyan..." Which lead him to the conclusion that he will not go into serious relationships this year. It's going to be all about S-E-X! Hahaha.. Isn't that neat???

Anyways, we also has this tally of how many sexcapades we will have this year. The score is currently 1-0. 0 being me. Which further means that I have had not indulged ina ny sexual encounter this year... yet. Haha. But I am looking forward to a lot of hot steamy nights in bed with a gorgeous bottom guy - I just hope that bottom guy will be my lover. I am growing old for games. Don't you think? And I am already 25 years old, Christ!

And oh, let me tell you what happened on my birthday last month. I went to P2 alone and went home accompanied by a gorgeous guy who had this huge thingy hanging in between his legs. Hahaha. Brought him home as well. Imagine what happened...

More stories next time... That is, if I can still pencil in doing this blog in my very hectic schedule. You know how it is to have work...

See ya!

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2010 - Wow! I can't believe this blog is already 4 years old! I would like to thank everyone has been so nice to me and my blog. I am really happy that there are people out there who can relate to my life.

January 24, 2010 - I met this guy online who inspired me to write/blog again. To Sal, thank you for the inspiration. I owe you one.

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I have found love but it left me suddenly for reasons until now I do not understand. He pierced right through everything that is me and left a broken arrow in my heart. But I let that happen because I loved him so sincerely. If there was a time I really loved someone, it would be that time. He rocked my world; sadly, he rocked me to my death.


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