27 November 2007

The King Has Finally Arrived
Totally Not Worth the Wait

The King has finally arrived and his not worth the long wait. It took them almost one year (or more) to finish and open Chowking in Eastwood. Everyone was excited especially me because I love their luriat and pancit. It opened on Saturday with big balloons and big speakers.

Come my Monday shift, I asked Yanie to come lunch with me at Chowking. I was really excited of the two-storey establishment until I saw the very long line at the cashier. The store has this two counters and only one is working thus the long line. I figured it's worth the wait in the line so Yanie and I stayed. I got myself their Shanghai Luriat and Yanie had siopao. The cashier gave me a number but no receipt. Apparently her register ran out of receipts so I said I can get it later when the food is served. Yanie got ourselves a comfy place with a cushioned chair in the corner. While we waited, Yanie played her favorite game in her mobile. A lot of people were coming in the waiters were all busy. The wait now is unbearable so I called on to a waiter and ask to follow-up our food. Then we wait a little more...

While waiting, one of the customer who was also waiting, stood up and went to teh cashier and demanded his food. He was irate and almost shouting. When he got back to his chair, still without his food, he slammed the plastic number (used for tracking) to his table. Another girl from a different table stood up and asked to be refunded her money because her food has not arrived yet. It was chaos. A lot of people were irate and waiting for their food.

After more than 30minutes, our food finally arrived without the soda and Yanie's coffee. I didn't start eating because I was thirsty so I waited for my soda. 10 minutes passed... another 10minutes but my soda was not yet served. I called another waiter and then another and then another until finally they gave me our drinks. To top the inconvenience of waiting so long for our food, the rice and pancit were dead cold. There was no chilli sauce and soy sauce for my siomao. The meal was a disaster and I hated the service.

If I were to rate the experience from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I would rate it 1 for the following reasons:

(1) Poor customer service - This includes the wait time for the food to be served. Usually if the food is not ready yet, the drinks can be served first but with the experience, the drinks came when I am almost done with my food

(2) Food - The food was served too long thus when it reached me, the food was dead cold.

(3) Cleanliness - Other tables where customers already left were left unclean. The floor was sticky and wet as well.

(4) Organization - It seemed that the waiters were disorganized and didn't know which food belongs to whom. This causes delay as well. I also noticed that they have limited people. They should hire more crew to accomodate the number of people eating.

(5) Set-up of the place - The kitchen is in 2nd floor so waiters need to go down to serve the food. Again this causes delay. There were only two cash registers for such a big place.

I didn't get the worth of what I paid at Chowking. The experience was really terrible. Sucks!

20 November 2007

Tired and Disappointed at Myself
Rant About Work

I am not sure now if I really wanted this - to be in this position at work. Yes, I am not taking in calls but I do more than that. This work is the type where even after my 9-hour shift, I still bring work home. I am already so tired and exhausted I want to quit. But quitting is too late. I am almost half-way the duration of the project that stopping is not an option.
The sad part is, no ones seems to appreciate my effort. I admit, last year was a lot better when it was handled by a real team leader (TL). But I am only an agent. How I wish I can make that an excuse. The success of the project depends on me...or at least half of it.
Earlier one of my colleague commented on the job I am doing. He said he could not feel the Christmas peak comparing it to last year's. The sad part is, two other people agreed. Although they may say that they were just joking, I was really hurt because I know they are right. I could not look at them as they talk about how lousy I do my job.
Now I feel so low and disappointed at myself for not meeting their expectations. I am bound by a lot of factors but I can not make that an excuse as well. They will not listen, they will not understand.
I am off again to Divisoria later after my shift for the souvenirs. I am so tired... so tired...

13 November 2007

Makati Blues

 The feel of the cold air on my skin agitates me. The room is full of dust and worn out computers. Christmas is nowhere near this place.

I had no plan of going to Makati today. The plan was to finish the project calendar so I can sort out everything including the budget I need. But my boss asked me to go here, unannounced. I had no choice. He is my boss after all.

I will be staying here until 6am with two of my colleagues. Like me, they had no plans of going here either.

There is something in this coldness that makes me feel empty inside. The longing for that long lost love slowly comes to the surface. It reveals the past I try so hard to let go yet I try so hard to embrace. Is that even possible? There are times I want to indulge myself in love but every time the same feeling of longing reappears. It seems he got the whole of me and the pieces wouldn't just fit anymore. My heart was badly broken and no amount of time and effort can bring it back to life.

*sigh. All this thought about him suddenly made me hungry. I am craving for KFC. Gotta get back to Eastwood fast.

12 November 2007

Where ORGY is only 100 bucks away

SANCTUM – is a private residence that we decided to open so that “people like us” would have a place for fun and games. Our doors are open for anyone who’s in the mood to party. Of course, we hope you understand that we ask you to chip in to cover expense. - written on the ID passes we got

The night was boring. I drank 1 bottle of beer while Ryan and I wait for Tom and his friend. My eyes were checking possibilities but the place was empty. Few people go to Palawan 1 on Sundays and very few of those few were actually good-looking. As Ryan would put it, "Wala akong itulak-kabigin... puro gusto kong itulak..." We decided to wait outside instead. Carrying my glass of beer we headed outside and looked for a spot where we can sit and wait. We didn’t wait long. From afar we saw Tom and Eric approaching. We did not stay long.

There was a new gay place in Cubao according to Tom. It was a house where gay people have fun. We hadn’t have the vaguest idea what fun meant in that place but we gathered ourselves and headed to that new place. It was a street away from P2. The gate was lighted by two round fluorescents. The place seemed like a regular big house, not a sign of a party. The gate opened and a guy approached us. Tom asked for the entrance fee. It was 100 bucks inclusive of any drink. We paid and we were required to fill out a form with our name, age, email address and mobile numbers. Of course we didn’t give our real names. Then the guy gave us a stub we can wear around our wrists. He said they would serve as our control number.

We entered the house. We were accompanied by two guys to a bar. There were few people inside three of them we already saw in P1. The guy at the bar asked for our stubs and our phones. He said for security we were required to leave all valuables in the counter. We agreed. He asked me to write my last name as my name was too common. I gave my mother’s middle name. From that night onwards I will be known as IAN ARTEZA.

After the introductions and short orientation, we were toured around the place. We were showed where the comfort room/shower was, the just across that was the video room where they showed guys sucking cocks, in short M2M porn. After the video room, we entered this maze with little dark rooms and glory holes all over. The place was dark. At the end of the maze were a bed and then another room which they called dark room. Since we were first-timers, the guide allowed us to see the dark room with lights on. Nothing special really, except for the chains hanging on the wall with cushions. There was a bed on the center and another door on one side leading to the receiving area.

The tour was short and the place was not that huge. Give or take around 30-50 people will fit in the place. After the tour we headed back to the bar and got our drinks. I asked for a bottle of their local beer. There were few people still.

The four of us decided to stay in the video room. Inside were two guys (not so yummy) watching. There were pillows around and each of us got one and sat. It was like we were watching something else as we were laughing so hard. Tom and Eric decided to enter the maze. Ryan and I followed after. We caught them in the darkroom lying down. I lied down as well. It was relaxing. Then I saw a silhouette of two guys in the corner. I got scared. Ryan asked me out. We enjoyed ourselves in the video room instead.

Ryan and I spent the rest of our stay in the video room. I was lying on the floor while he sat on the bench. The porn they were showing wasn’t that good. It was boring.

Eric appeared from the darkroom. He was done. Someone apparently gave him a blowjob in one of those little rooms. He seemed tired. Tom on the other hand denied he had sex inside. I didn’t believe him. We were given an ID each with out name and our signature. The guy at the bar said we needed to present those the next time we go there. …if ever we decide to come back.

We ended the night in P1. And to our surprise the same people, even the guy at the bar came there as well.

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02 November 2007

On NOT Moving On

So it's been almost two years from the recent breakup. RECENT? Not so. To be exact it has been one year and eight months since Robbie and I broke up. That night is still clear to me like it happened yesterday. I was drunk and frustrated about him. Our relationship was on rocks... or at least that was what I felt. I was not even sure then about the love he confessed to me before we became a couple. Don't get me wrong. I knew he loved me. He let be his first top, if that could be the basis of real love... But on our third month everyhting took a drastic U-turn. I was not prepared for what would happen. And then one night while I was out with my officemates getting drunk at now non-existent Top and Table in Eastwood, I told what I truly feel. There's something about being drunk that I like. You can say anything without thinking. No inhibitions. No taking back. The message slipped out of my phone like grains on of sand on my fingers. It finally materialized. What I wanted to tell him for weeks came out in just one short message: "This is not working out for me anymore. I think we need to call it off." Or something to that effect. The reply came quick. "If that's what you want."

I was devastated. Those words struck me like a lightning on my chest. "More beer!?" I suddenly told my friends. But I did not cry. I was not the type who cry over ended relationships. I was over that. My first bf taught me real good on how breaking up should be. That relationship ended without any closure. Closure came a year after. But that didn;t do anything good either. It only made me miss him more.

I came home drunk that night...or day. I checked my phone but there's no message from him. I didn't even know how I was able to sleep that night.

The following day I called him begging him to come back telling him excuses like "I love you and I didn't mean to that" "I take it back, can we still be boyfriends still?" and more. But he didn't budge. He stuck to what I said that I broke up with him. Weeks and weeks of begging and unbearable agony came after. And still now, I can't replace him with anyone else. It seems he has occupied my whole heart and left no space for another love.

"I choose not to move on" That is was I tell anyone who asks me why I haven't moved on and why I still have no boyfriend.

Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of guys asking me out. From text mates to those I meet in Palawan. But all I could do is tell them fake "I love you's" just to take them to bed... mine or theirs.

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01 November 2007

It's Me Once More - Updates

Haloooo! It's beeeeeeen forever! I have been so busy with work and with you-know-what! Hahaha.

I have been promoted to level 3 which means more money but I still take in calls. Level 4?! It'll come in the right time. For the peak (Nov-Dec) though, I will not be taking in calls. I will be handling RnR (rewards and recognition). Basically my job is to make everything fun and everyone happy. Ain't that too much!? No extra?! Just freedom fro the AVAYA phone and irate customers.

I still have some.. SOME!!!??? With the race between me and Ryan... well... let's just say he is eating my dust. Hahaha. I think for the year I already had around 15 or more guys. I'll have to check my data for that ...and still counting. I am such a sex addict. What can I do? I can't help it.

Still single... after 1 and 8 or so months. I still see him in Palawan 1. The last we met he was competing for some Ms. Gay contest in Palawan. Imagine that!? But that didn't change what I feel about him. To tell you frankly, I still haven't moved on. Now I am really thinking I choose not to. Oh well... time heals everything... whatever!

More stuff next time. Gotta get back to work. BTW, I'll be going back and forth the Makati site and Libis site for the rest of the year. I think I need to buy a car... Hahaha... *wishes

Happy Halloween!

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